someone had to do.

Experience Design

In an experience driven society where digital and physical blend into phygital well designed experiences are key. I re/design brand environments for customers and inspire them by building it on the experience pillars: 

    • Human
    • Connected
    • Sustainable

Social Media X.0

With strategies, concepts and insight from the creator economy I get users to stop scrolling. By teaching Internet Culture and how to adapt it to content I help clients build communities. Therefore I develop, teach and create:

    • New Age Storytelling
    • Concept Development
    • Content Production

Creative Technology

Creating enthusiasm with new technologies is when code meets creativity. With micro computers, soldering irons and 3D printers I create prototypes, useful things or stuff that is just fun. Topics that drive me are:

    • Interactive Experiences
    • Augmented Reality
    • Tokens & Blockchain

Some of my works:



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