Julian Bossert

Digital Concept & Consulting



Expertise always gets better when you share it. In order to go one step further in consulting, I lead workshops that empower people.
The topics: Personal Branding, Digital Trend Research, 3D Printing and Instagram Strategies for Companies.


With authentic content on lifestyle topics, travel or technology, I tell exciting stories with aesthetic visuals and a pinch of humour. With photo, video, visual or drone content I cover every perspective of a story.


Every unique brand experience begins with an equally unique concept. Translating user needs and brand strengths into creative springboards creates the cornerstones for creative concepts that excite.




Born 1988 in Reutlingen near beautiful Stuttgart. Finished school at the Rudolf Steiner Schule Nürtingen with a degree in abstract art. I started studying Advertising and Market Communications at University of Media in Stuttgart in 2011. In addition to studying I freelanced for agencies, clients and worked as the Concept & Creative Director of the University-Agency. After studying I worked as a Concept Developer at Jung von Matt/Neckar in Stuttgart.